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Infested Fortress


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Infested Fortress
Infested Fortress

Infested Fortress is a challenging roguelike where you dig deeper and deeper into the mountain to collect resources to build your fortress. The deeper you dig, the more deadly monsters will be attracted and try to destroy your fortress.

Fight your enemies in challenging turn-based battles, where your tactical skills will determine victory and defeat.

Train your troops to learn new skills and use the available resources to produce better equipment.

Provide your inhabitants with food and acceptable living conditions.

Keep an eye on the satisfaction and morale of your troops.


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Key Fetures:

  • Dig deeper into the Mountain to obtain more materials
  • Build your base to sustain your people
  • Refine materials to craft better gear
  • Train your heroes to learn new skills
  • Grow your population and keep them happy
  • Defeat your opponent in highly tactical turn-base combat where your decisions mean the difference between victory and defeat

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