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Isolate ME!


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Isolate ME!
Isolate ME!

Hard times have come for a simple provincial town – a pandemic. An unknown virus has begun to spread rapidly around the world, and in a small provincial city, it is time for the administration to make important decisions in order to do everything possible for the safety of the city.

Who will take matters into their own hands? the president? Major? Superman?

No! All powers were transferred to the valiant policeman, who must control the number of infected people in the city.

How long can you last? The game consists of endless waves, which are divided into 2 stages:

After completing the second stage, you return to the first. BUT SUDDENLY!!! A new strain of the virus appears at the same time as even more people have settled in the city! Where is the administration looking? It doesn’t matter, as long as there is a super responsible policeman in the city, everything is under control … probably …

Key Fetures:

  • The first stage is a seasonal disease. During this period of time, the virus does not spread between citizens, you have a tip about their approximate number in the city. Quarantine as many of them as possible before the start of the second phase and prepare the city for the season of the spread of the disease.
  • The second stage is a pandemic. At this stage, the virus begins to spread from those infected who remained in the city in the previous stage. Your task at this stage is to prevent the number of infected people from becoming more than healthy ones.

Isolate ME!

Isolate ME!


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