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Journey to the West Survivor


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Journey to the West Survivor
Journey to the West Survivor

Welcome to the World of Journey to the West

“Journey to the West Survivors”is a pixelated, casual pleasure game with a survival rogue-like gameplay. The storyline draws inspiration from the four classic novels “Journey to the West” and incorporates traditional Honghuang Xixian world views. Players can choose from 12 characters, each possessing unique abilities such as Sun Torture wielding dual guns, Tang Three Burial with an invincible iron fist, Tyu excelling in farming and eight-ring killing techniques, Bad Fish skilled at clean kills, Red Boy controlling a doll car, Aoliet commanding the White Dragon car, Yang Jian leading a special attack team along with his powerful crouping dog Boston. With over 200 massive skills and resonances available for exploration, players are encouraged to freely combine various gameplay elements and genres. Additionally, players can engage in social activities by making friends within the game’s community while also enjoying features like farming and construction to recruit allies for cooperative battles against enemies. The game consists of two main parts: survival mode (offering simple, ordinary, difficult levels as well as hellish challenges) and farming mode (allowing players to cultivate crops including spiritual grasses), craft tools and build houses; continuous updates aim to enhance these aspects further. We welcome you to try out this immersive gaming experience.

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12 interesting and powerful characters

Over 200 skills that you can freely combine to create your own unique playstyle

Why engage in single combat when you can bring the entire screen with you? The entire screen is filled with my people

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