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Just Read The Instructions


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Just Read The Instructions
Just Read The Instructions

Thousand of enemies!


Unique boss fights!

Embark on an intense and strange adventure, either solo or with up to three friends, as you step into a simulated reality under the control of a corrupted AI. Your mission: destroy the AI’s plans before it takes over everything. Brace yourself for the ultimate showdown against an onslaught of thousands of enemies flooding the scene, but fear not, as you wield an arsenal of overpowerful weapons – just aim and fire!

You won’t be alone. AI scientists will guide you from beyond the simulation, giving you instructions to analyze the AI’s logic. As they unravel the AI’s coding, the tasks they assign you will grow increasingly bizarre, all attempts to confuse and disrupt the AI.

Your role is clear: Just Read The Instructions and endure the relentless onslaught of enemies! Can you survive the chaos and dismantle the malevolent AI before it’s too late?

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Can Also Be Experienced Single Player.

Overpowered weapons!

Instruction: Help grandma cross the road!

Instruction: Find the treasure, under or over water?

Key Features

Huge Amount Of Enemies

Powerful Weapons

Instructions to Be Completed

Strange Environment

Just Read The Instructions PC Crack