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Just The Two Of Us


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Just The Two Of Us
Just The Two Of Us

Imagine a dying world. Its demise wasn’t caused by a natural or technological disaster.

It was simply a matter of chance.

Or maybe someone decided that it time had finally come.

And only you can witness the fall of human civilization.

Whether it was a mistake or someone’s sick sense of humor, nothing can be done at this point.

The only questions is: What will you do?

Will you do anything at all?

“I will do nothing,” is also a valid answer, after all.

Why not just forget about all of your troubles, engaged in the one last conversation you can afford?

While you still have topics to discuss and the person on the other side of the call is still responding.

Will you find yourself?

Will you get to know them?

Can you decide what a happy end looks like to you?

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Can you answer whether it’s possible in the world where the only people left are the two of you?

This short 3DCG visual novel made using the Ren’py engine tells a story of budding feelings between a boy and a girl that meet for the first time in a post-apocalyptic world.

The game features three unqiue endings

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