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Lawnmower Game: Ufo Chase


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Lawnmower Game: Ufo Chase
Lawnmower Game: Ufo Chase

Game story:

Lawnmower is back.

New chase, new times!!

Player’s mission is to avoid UFO and cut grass. UFO is unfortunately, very well armed!! Ufo has 3 weapons: Laser, Rockets and following laser barrier

More grass you cut at every level, more stars you earn. If you just drive and not cut you earn 0-1 star and if you are good cutter you earn 2-3 stars.

Player need stars to unlock new levels. If UFO hits you? You need to restart level!

There are different themed levels, which include different obstacles, like trees, cars, rocks, stones etc.

So be fast grass cutter and avoid UFO!!!!!!!!


– 30 levels

– Collectable/grass to cut

– Enemy UFO with 3 different weapons: Rockets, Following laser and following laser barrier

– Different obstacles

– Unlocked level system. Cut more grass at levels and earn more stars to unlock more levels

Lawnmower Game: Ufo Chase

Lawnmower Game: Ufo Chase


System minimum

System recommended