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Levis Umbra


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Levis Umbra
Levis Umbra


levis umbra is a technological and stealth themed action adventure game developed with an unreal engine and very high graphics features are used on it.

Your goal in the game is to reach your goal with stealth and try to survive undetected.


Classic combat-less Stealth Experience.

Immersive Gameplay Elements.

Hack the environment to open new paths and distract your enemies.

Listen to an Original Dynamic Soundtrack that changes with the intensity of the action.

Voiced by professional actors.

Inspired by Deus Ex, Splinter Cell and Dishonored


W / A / S / D : Movement

CTRL / C : Crouch

ALT : Roll

SHIFT : Sprint

SPACE : Jump/Climb

E : Interact/Hack

Graphics Engine

We developed our game with the unreal engine The unreal engine game engine offers many opportunities for independent developers.

Unreal engine offers high-end graphics for gamers. So we tried to make our game quite realistic.

we used the unreal engine game engine in this. and we added many graphical effects. Our main goal was to give players a real sense of privacy and fear.


Please do not forget to contact us for your requests, suggestions and feedback regarding the game.

Your feedback and requests are valuable to us. We will read and review your reviews. We tried to do the best for our game.

Levis Umbra

Levis Umbra