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LIZ: Before the Plague


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LIZ: Before the Plague
LIZ: Before the Plague

Liz: Before the Plague is a story driven VR horror immersive experience with investigative and shooting gameplay dynamics. One night, in a near future, a detective from special investigation Unit named Liz has to face a strange case that seems a common one… but it’s not. She has to respond to a distress call from a famous pharmaceutical company and investigate, collecting info and survive using her own tools.

Figure out what happened and resolve the case.

Main Features


It is late night and Liz, a special agent, is called to intervene in a pharmaceutical company where two colleagues of her, were brought some hour before in answer to a call of help.

Once arrived on the place Liz understands that the atmosphere is unusual and there is no trace of her colleagues.

Will Liz manage to find out who called for help?

Key Fetures:

  • Investigate environments and solve puzzles to unlock new areas;
  • Defend yourself and the survivors;
  • Get involved in Liz’s mission by kinematics in third person;
  • Live an experience with horror and sci-fi mood in Boston of 2138.
  • The main character’s body is visible in-game and follows the player’s movements where possible;
  • All the UI is located on the character’s gear;
  • The environment is enclosed and NPCs refer directly to the player.

LIZ: Before the Plague

LIZ: Before the Plague


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