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Lost Angel


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Lost Angel
Lost Angel

Lost Angel is the first feature-length interactive FMV(full motion video) made in Korea.

We invite you to the dangerous journey of influencer Alex, who is on a trip to Korea!!

Alex falls into the midst of a dangerous conspiracy due to an unexpected encounter.

Without knowing the reason, Alex is threatened with his life and has encounters with many strangers.

In a chaotic situation which you don’t know who to trust or not,

Alex gets tons of offers and has to make the smartest decisions.

Maybe somebody dies with your choice.

But that’s not the end. You can complete various stories with 9 different endings.

You must join Alex’s journey and help him to make his choice.

Depending on your choice, Alex could be the last keyman to save the world from the Coronavirus.

Your choice will soon become a new story for this film.

Game description

1. FMV genre based on realistic fiction

2. Interactive film in English

3. Various stories – 9 interesting endings

4. Chinese subtitles provided

5. All Locations Shot in Korea

Lost Angel

Lost Angel


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