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Matanga 2


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Matanga 2
Matanga 2

An atmospheric, story-driven horror game in which you will have to face the maniac Matanga again after 2 years. During this time, the couple had a child and everything would be fine if it were not for his strange features … The kid constantly chomps loudly, eats rats alive and does not look like his father at all … The main character wants to figure it out once and for all, again back to that unfortunate place. But we perfectly know this maniac, we understand what he is capable of … Devilry, which is literally saturated with the forest, will make the hearts of lovers flutter like never before. Can you figure it out without losing your mind? Can you step over your fears and rush into the dark unknown, hiding behind the branches of shrubs and trees, meandering between your brain convolutions and paving the way straight to hell? Good old Matanga is always happy with new human meat, and we are happy with it, because DNA expertise will dot the i’s. But will Matanga give us his bio-material so easily? …

The game will feature:

1. The deepest atmosphere of fear and horror, into which you will plunge from the first minutes of the game;

2. Many interesting quests that you will need to go through to find your friends;

3. Excellent graphics with a well-chosen ambience;

4. The plot about which you will tell your friends the next day after completing the game;

5. A share of humor to dilute the situation and take a break for a cup of tea, splashing it at the same time from the very first surprise that is already waiting for you around the corner …

Forward! Stop sitting reading the description while the future social unit is in danger!

Matanga 2

Matanga 2


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