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Narrow Escape


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Narrow Escape
Narrow Escape

Narrow Escape is an indie horror game in which you try to escape from different buildings alone or with up to three other players without being killed by a monster.

You play in the first person perspective and look for the three fuses and the master key to escape from the respective building.

You can try it alone or with up to three other players. But the more you are, the greater the chances of escaping.

There are also more points to be earned when playing with multiple players.


Goal: Try to escape the building you are trapped inside. Therefore, you will need three fuses (red, green and blue) which are distributed randomly in the rooms.

To search the rooms, you must crack the lock with your pickgun (which you always have along with you) in case you don’t have the right key with you fortuitously.

Using the pickgun also slowly reduces its performance. But don’t worry … you can restore the pickgun’s performance during the game.

But beware!

Don’t be killed by the monster walking through the building. As soon as a door is unlocked, the monster can break through it. If you’re killed, it’s over for you. Unless you have a first aid kit with you. Then you get a second chance.

Upgrade your pickgun

Improve the pickgun of your characters individually in order to be able to charge faster and to create more capacity.

Escape Route

Gradually complete your missions to get more points. You can complete one mission per session.

More characters

Collect points and your level will rise. The higher your level, the more characters you can unlock.

Narrow Escape

Narrow Escape


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