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Nature Hunter


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Nature Hunter
Nature Hunter

This game is a first or third person (FPS/TPS) game where you can walk freely in nature.

Key Fetures:

  • All vegetation is self-regulating and evolves over the days
  • Temperature and humidity are calculated based on terrain, month of the year, and time.
  • Temperature and humidity directly impact objects that can degrade over time.
  • All objects (e.g. wood) have condition levels and can thus rot by degrading houses, objects, barrels, etc.
  • A system for placing objects and creating stagings and sets is in place.
  • A creative mode is available with unlimited items
  • A fairly advanced inventory and exchange system.
  • A very advanced object creation system. (several ingredients for a recipe and several elements obtained in output, as well as enormous possibilities of variants of recipes)
  • A weight calculation system for inventory and volume calculation for containers and chests.
  • A step-by-step house building and construction system with choice of materials and their condition or variants.

Nature Hunter

Nature Hunter


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