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Clever turn-based roguelike

Outsmart your foes in this clever turn-based strategy roguelike. Manipulate them to attack each other, shove them, drown them, crush them… No matter how you do it, keep your precious crates safe at all times! They contain the fuel sources necessary to power up the engines of Oakenfold, your biodome, your future home and your last hope to escape this inhospitable little planet called Earth..

Utilize your TimeScrubber™

Your TimeScrubber™ will be vital to success. It enables you to travel back and forth in time. Never be afraid to try a move or attack, because you can always undo it!

Encountered a seemingly hopeless situation? Rush to your crafting station, craft that new upgrade, reverse time and make use of the new capabilities you took along with you!

How did we get here

Around the end of the 21st century planet Earth started rising against the human virus plaguing her vast body. New species emerged to facilitate the cleansing. Mutations and giant biocides. Nature’s own autoimmune system.

Key Fetures:

  • Fully procedurally generated
  • Turn based with real-time elements
  • Unique TimeScrubber™ mechanic
  • Roguelike
  • Multiple mind boggling difficulties
  • Multiple starting mindsets
  • Uniquely customizable abilities
  • Originally composed soundtrack

Oakenfold  (v0.3.4)

Oakenfold  (v0.3.4)


System minimum

System recommended