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Off Grids


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Off Grids
Off Grids

The ultimate open-world survival game that redefines the genre. Welcome to a world with little danger and huge experience with hunting, gathering, crafting, building, looting, exploring and even travel back in time. Your resourcefulness are your greatest assets. It’s time to rise from the ashes of civilization and embrace the wild.

Key Features:

Survival Redefined: In Offgrids, survival isn’t just about staying alive; it’s about thriving. Master the art of hunting, and crafting to not just survive but to build.

Peace: No annoying predators out to hunt you while you build and explore, you hunt them.

Hunt: Unleash your inner hunter as you track and hunt a variety of wildlife.

Build Your Haven: Construct your dream shelter from the ground up to create a home that reflects your survival style.

Crafting: Craft weapons, tools, and equipment from the resources you gather. From basic necessities to weapons, your crafting skills will be put to the test.

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Loot: Explore long-forgotten ruins, hidden locations, and treacherous caves to discover valuable loot and uncover the secrets of a world left in ruins.

Endless Exploration: Embark on an epic journey across vast, breathtaking landscapes. The world of Off Grids is yours to explore, filled with mysteries and wonders waiting to be discovered.

Stunning Visuals: Immerse yourself in a visually stunning, post-apocalyptic world that’s both hauntingly beautiful and extreme.

Main point of the game is: to have fun building and staying alive while also enjoying.

Story of the game: 2030 is here and you are trying to survive by being self sufficent.

We would like to update the game on any concerns the fans may have for the game in the future. We hear the fans 🙂

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