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Portobugia is a management/survival game where you manage a port and must supply a city with goods and food. To do so you must unload boats, but, be careful, some of them could be infected!

What happened?

After the First World War, Eastern Europe has fallen into chaos… Bugs are eating all the crops, spreading diseases, and bandits are everywhere… There is no government to bring peace to the region which means cities must survive by themselves…

Inspect boats!

When a boat arrives in your port, you must inspect it before unloading or refusing it. You must verify the report by looking at the boat and comparing it to the report. If you correctly verify the report you will get some rewards. But if you don’t pay attention enough attention to the infection, you will have problems with bugs that will eat some of your resources!

Manage your port!

Key Fetures:

  • Boat inspections: inspect boats for any insects in them before unloading them!
  • Random events: you’ll have to make toughs decisions to save the city!
  • Buildings: construct buildings and unlock more choices for survival!
  • Upgrades: upgrade your buildings to improve their efficiency!
  • Employees: recruit or fire employees to manage your buildings efficiency!
  • Resources management: Pay attention to your resources, the city needs daily shipments of food and goods!
  • Technologies: research technologies to unlock upgrades and new buildings!
  • More features will be added after the release




System minimum

System recommended