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Primitive Society Simulator


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Primitive Society Simulator
Primitive Society Simulator

In this Primitive Society Simulator, you will play the role of a leader of an ancient tribe. Inspired by ancient Chinese legends, as well as games such as RimWorld, Dawn of Man, and StoneAge.

You will travel back to the barbaric era and lead the people to gather food, make tools, sew clothes, hunt and fish, and cultivate farmland, building a tribe in the wilderness.

The tribe members will fall in love and have children. Families, including parents, siblings, children, grandparents, and descendants, will gradually form within the tribe. If you can provide meat, eggs, and milk for children during their growth period, their physique and intelligence will be better than their parents.

Each tribe member has knowledge in 8 areas: “Crafting”, “Fishing”, “Breeding”, “Cooking”, “Foraging”, “Hunting”, “Farming”, and “Herbs”. As they work, they gradually accumulate knowledge. You can assign teachers to teach young tribe members knowledge and skills. You can also command the construction of stone tablets, on which elderly tribe members can inscribe their lifelong knowledge to leave to the next generation.

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Starting with catching wild beast cubs, you can breed domesticated animals such as hunting dogs, chickens, and cows. You can also bring in mammoths, sabreteeth, and velociraptors to join the tribe. Tribe members and these intelligent animals can accompany each other and grow together, serving as warriors and artisans for the tribe.

Send out tribe members to trek across mountains and waters, explore the wilderness, and discover unknown plants. You can assign them to “select seeds” from the fruits of the plants, identify grains, and gradually increase the yield. You can also assign tribe members to “taste test” unknown herbs and observe their effects, preparing for possible epidemics that may come at any time.

The various tribes in the wilderness engage in farming, nomadic herding, and fishing and hunting, each with their own ways of survival and difficulties. In the vast cultural sphere, establish trading relationships with them and exchange goods and resources.

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