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Rage Quit


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Rage Quit
Rage Quit

Our mechanics in the game are quite simple, but they are not easy. Help our character, who is not valued by anyone, complete his physical training.You need to know that the training process is not simple. Will you be able to overcome harsh terrains and overcome the traps and complete your mission. I hope you can use your reflexes to overcome these. Otherwise, you cannot succeed and Rage Quit !

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Key Fetures:

  • You can not start from a point where you left from the game. Each fresh start , begins from starting point. So there is no save progress in Rage Quit.
  • You need good reflexes and logic to overcome traps. Because traps can annoy you a lot if you move without thinking.
  • Each death inside the game will make you better by learning our mechanics.
  • The game has 2 different save points ( these save points will be cleared when you quit the game ) Whenever you reach one save point , you have to interact with a statue to save that point for your next death . Otherwise you will be starting from the beginning point.
  • You character has hp bar , each traps may deal you different damage!
  • Also you may need to sprint to overcome some of our traps , make sure you have enough stamina !

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