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Revive & Prosper


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Revive & Prosper
Revive & Prosper

Embark on a single-player industrial journey through the base-building strategy game Revive & Prosper, a paradise of automation and resource control. Mine, construct and automate with your mutants and golem sidekicks. In a world ravaged by an unknown apocalypse, only you can rejuvenate the barren wasteland through cleverly fenced rivers, dug irrigation canals, and even the construction of water pipelines. Fill the revived land with prosperous factories and relax while setting an optimal production process.


Immerse yourself in a world teeming with possibilities, where building, producing, and harvesting blend harmoniously with a living ecosystem.

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Key Fetures:

  • Unleash your creativity as you construct a thriving base amidst landscapes you have revived with the mighty power of water.
  • Put an end to manual excavation. Eliminate the reliance on resource deposits. Employ the Digging Wheel to excavate soil and transfer it to the Sedimentation Machine, which will efficiently sort the soil into all the necessary resources you require.
  • Golems work tirelessly using bonuses for faster constructing, digging, planting and cooking. However, they will decompose eventually, beckoning you to craft new companions. Extend their existence by generating Biomass in Biopress and supplying it to the golem factory, which they will utilize to rejuvenate their lifespan.
  • Be ready for changing weather that can impact your base. Rain can raise river levels, potentially causing floods if floodgates aren’t opened promptly. Sandstorms provide wind for Windmills but can also lead to mild drought. Prepare for heat waves by storing water.

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