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Saturn Menace


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Saturn Menace
Saturn Menace


So you like the inmersive games where its feel like been in a HORROR sci fi movie?

Your scientific exploration module has been damage by a meteor near the Saturn orbit where its an old abandoned spacecraft. Your partner not survived and died in his cryogenic module, you are alone, must find ways to get power back on, explore space and search a replacement for the core of your spaceship.

Some dangers will appear, and you will make a terrifyn discover.

Seems that we are not alone after all?

Enjoy this indie singleplayer HORROR inspired sci-fi 80’s movie like game.

– Grab and move things around

– Solve puzzles and activate buttons

– Follow markers and maps

– Float and move in space with a special spacesuit

Another release from LFR Games

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Key Fetures:

  • First Person full interactive gameplay
  • Space Sci Fi HORROR enviroment music and sound
  • HIGH Quality graphics and gameplay made with Unreal Engine
  • Multiple types of gameplay: -On ship -Exploration on space
  • Follow steps and complete objetives with ultimate HUDs radars and notifies

Saturn Menace

Saturn Menace


System minimum

System recommended