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Second Extinction


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Second Extinction
Second Extinction

The goal is simple: Reclaim earth.

In Second Extinction you take on hordes of mutated dinosaurs alone or with up to

two friends.

The goal of Early Access is also simple: Work with our community to make the

best game possible.

We want to hear your feedback loud and clear, and we intend for our community

to be a vital part of the development process.

Even so, there’s plenty to get your teeth (and claws) into from day one: 4 heroes,

10 weapons (with 5 upgrade tiers each) and 6 missions – plus some special side quests – across multiple regions of our big map.

Our mantra is that players win battles, communities win wars. Nowhere is this

more true than our War Effort feature.

Each region of our big map has a unique threat level. This threat level can be

lowered if enough of our players are successful in their missions and activities. But the dinosaurs aren’t resting either, and they’ll focus their efforts where you aren’t.

Each week the community will see the fruits of their labours or feel the

consequence of their incompetence. Let the threat level get out of control and

you can expect an especially tough Emergence Event to be waiting for you.

By playing Second Extinction you’re not just picking up another co-op shooter.

You’re joining us on a journey as we shape the experience. Every piece of feedback and every mission you play matters. So what are you waiting for? The fight to reclaim earth starts here.

Second Extinction

Second Extinction


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