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SENTRY (Early Access)


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SENTRY  (Early Access)
SENTRY (Early Access)

As a member of the SENTRY Defense Program, you have been thawed from stasis to protect your vessel as it flees across space.

As you choose your escape route in the Navigator, encounters with alien vessels are unavoidable. They will board your ship and attempt to fight their way through different subsystems to destroy the Core.

Your SENTRY must thwart the enemy by bringing to bear an arsenal of potent ranged weaponry. Even with the best shooting abilities, holding back the hordes is only possible by deploying traps and turrets – and if all else fails, utilizing environmental destruction to stem their advance; a well-timed shot could vent aliens into space, a closed blast door could buy you time to set up new defenses.

Should your SENTRY fall in battle, death is not the end. Another member of the crew will be thawed from stasis by the SENTRY Defense Program, ready to continue the fight.

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Even if you fail to defend a level, defeat only changes the strategic landscape in the Ship Overview, forcing you to make new decisions on where to make your next defiant stand.

As long as there is a surviving SENTRY and the Core remains operational, your skills in combat mean victory can always be grasped from the jaws of defeat.

SENTRY aims to carve out its own path in the Action-Defense genre by featuring a campaign where your choices and performance matter. Battles are not one-off events, defeat doesn’t mean replaying a checkpoint. Everything feeds into the ongoing battle for your ship’s survival.

A SENTRY is fast, responsive – and therefore powerful. Deployable traps, turrets and environmental destruction opportunities are needed to supplement this power when facing near-overwhelming forces of reactive and aggressive enemies. Successful escapes will need to utilize a mixture of skill and planning, with discovery and upgrading of new equipment providing an edge in combat.