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Shadow Corridor 2 雨ノ四葩


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Shadow Corridor 2 雨ノ四葩
Shadow Corridor 2 雨ノ四葩

The scariest randomly generated horror game is back and better than ever! The app is currently in development

■More randomly generated dungeons!

The massive corridors change with each play.

There’s no one right way to progress.

Make your way to the goal while carefully dealing with ever-changing circumstances!

This time, get ready for many more randomly

generated dungeons rich in variation!

■Karuta System

Collect Karuta cards that produce all kinds of special effects!

Find your own favorite combination

and create your very own playstyle!

■A plethora of new items!

Find even more items than the previous game!

This time they’re even weirder!

Use the items to find a way to survive!

■New Apparitions

The new Apparitions are stronger and scarier than ever!

Shadow Corridor 2 雨ノ四葩 Torrent Download

They’ll test your wits, your strength, and your ability to stare fear in the face!

Use all your abilities to escape a grim fate!

■A new story

Discover the story of the girl Shigure in this title.

She thought to end her own life and embrace the sweet release of death. However…

You can enjoy the new story without any knowledge of the previous title.

Of course, those who have played the last game might get even more enjoyment out of it!

■For beginners and advanced players alike.

Select from even more dynamic difficulties with this title.

The easier difficulties allow even those who aren’t great at games to enjoy the story to its exciting conclusion.

And for those who want it, you can experience an even grimmer hell than before.

Shadow Corridor 2 雨ノ四葩 PC Crack