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Sins Of Treatment


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Sins Of Treatment
Sins Of Treatment

Sins of Treatment is a 3D horror from the first person, everything happens in some liminal spaces. The gameplay consists in collecting information, solving riddles and escaping from various entities. The main goal is to understand what is happening to you, how you got here and who you were before.


You feel a slight tremor in your body when you slowly open your eyes. Bright lighting dims your vision, but you immediately realize that you are in a room resembling a hospital ward. Sterile white walls surround you from all sides.

However, looking closely, you notice that everything looks unnatural.

You have only vague pieces of the past in your head, and your memory seems to be wrapped in fog. And even though you vaguely understand what you have to go through, this is the only way to understand exactly how you ended up here.

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You leave the ward and follow the signs pointing the way among the identical treatment rooms. The corridors you slip through seem endless and cramped. Every step reminds you that you are lost in this terrifying reality.

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