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Supernova Tactics


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Supernova Tactics
Supernova Tactics

Upgrade your armies and equip them with various items to buy time for civilians to escape to another planet on the Exodus. The defense forces are led by General Praxis. If he falls in battle, the docks loading the civilians will be overrun.

Key Features

Permadeath – When General Praxis falls, the run will come to an end.

Race Against the Clock – At the start of each run, you’ll have a randomized list of units you need to collect to win. If you take too long to gather them all, the enemy may scale in difficulty to dangerous levels!

Masochist Mode – In this game mode, when your units die you lose up to 3 copies of them. This is a more unforgiving version of Classic, see how far you can get!

Persistent Upgrades – At the end of each run you will be able to unlock permanent upgrades to enhance your future playthroughs!

Endless Scaling – The enemies you face receive stacking buffs over the course of the game. As the number of rounds you win increases, so too will the difficulty of the enemies you confront.

Multiple Difficulties – The game has three difficulties to increase the challenge and reward. Win on Normal to unlock Hard, and beat that to take on Impossible.

Random Battles & Loot – No two playthroughs will be exactly the same. The enemies you face and the items you receive will vary with each encounter.

Upgrade Your Units – Use your gold to buy units from the shop, acquiring three of the same unit will upgrade it to the next tier!

Compete on the Leaderboard – Compete with other players on the leaderboard, Supernova Tactics features an endless amount of rounds. See how many rounds you and your legion can survive!

Supernova Tactics

Supernova Tactics


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