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Survival Africa


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Survival Africa
Survival Africa

Early Access

This is a early access Massive Open World Survival game in the beautiful Land of Africa.

Please support us to build this game into the best Open world Survival game on the market.

The game will be in early access for 3-4 years as we will add new content to the game every month building the game to its full potential.

Please do understand there will be lack of content during the development as I am a solo developer and development does take time.

There will be issues during early access and I will work on every issue as fast as I can and would like some feedback from you guys on how I can improve the game for you to enjoy. Please join our discord:

About The Game

This game plays out in the center of Africa where surviving is the key against other natives surviving around the map. Build a Base and gather as much resources as you can to craft weapons and have food to protect your little piece of land against other Natives as they will take your resources to Build a bigger base with more weapons. Surviving is the Key to success.

Only way to survive is to fight and stand your ground!!!!

Survival Africa

Survival Africa


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