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Survive the Nights


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Survive the Nights
Survive the Nights

Survive the Nights is a unique FPS survival game focusing on teamwork, fortification, creativity and strategy. Secure a structure or roam free, the choice is yours. Survive the Nights focuses on realistic survival, post zombie infestation. The game takes advantage of day and night cycles. Preparing during daylight hours when moving around the world is less risky. Make use of existing structures instead of building them. Play as a team to better your chances to survive each night.

Use the day time hours to roam the island, find loot and prepare for the night to come. Fortify structures, set traps, start fires, get meals and bandages ready. When the night falls, you will not want to venture too far from a secure structure.

Here’s some of what Survive the Nights has to offer in its first public alpha build. Please remember, we’re dedicated to listening to the players. If you have any suggestions, share them our

Key Fetures:

  • Every door can be padlocked
  • Plank over windows on the interior and exterior
  • Power structures to provide much needed light
  • Set traps outside/inside doors and windows
  • Select and secure fixed containers with locks
  • Realistic calorie consumption
  • Realistic hydration system
  • Only eat what you need for a day
  • Eat more and build your calorie, stamina and overall health stats
  • Consume cooked foods to lower your chance of sickness
  • Hunt game for larger meals
  • Realistic fuel consumption
  • Realistic part system
  • Vehicles support more than one passenger
  • Vehicles can power structures
  • Power an electric meter with a generator
  • Power a set radius with a generator in the wild
  • Supply a structure or area with electricity
  • Power lights

Survive the Nights

Survive the Nights


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