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Terminus: Zombie Survivors


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Terminus: Zombie Survivors
Terminus: Zombie Survivors

Terminus is a turn-based survival roguelike game set in a zombie apocalypse. The zombie outbreak strikes, and you seek out the Terminus where survivors gathered. Survive the hunger, the cold, and the zombies to arrive at the Terminus!

Key Features

Randomly Generated Map – The game procedurally generates a map and all places. Visit new places every game and search for the supplies you need.

Turn-Based Play – All actions, such as moving, searching, and attacking, are turn-based. Think carefully and act before you pass the turn.

Various Survivors – Start the game as an occupation with unique skills and actions. Make the most of your ability and occupation traits to survive.

Various Items – There are dozens of items that can help you survive. Find and use food, clothing, medicine, weapons, tools, electronics, and more.

Status Management – Maintain your condition. With each turn, your condition deteriorates, and you have to keep finding ways to manage it.

Permadeath – If a zombie bites you or your HP reaches 0 due to worsening conditions, you die. Use what you’ve learned to head to the Terminus again.

Different Modes – Different game modes are available for those who seek a new experience.

Terminus: Zombie Survivors

Terminus: Zombie Survivors


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