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TFM: The First Men


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TFM: The First Men
TFM: The First Men

TFM: The First Men is a strategy simulation enriched with character-driven base building, party-based exploration, and tactical real-time with pause combat. Inspired by the creation stories, Knights and Merchants and Rimworld.


A modern character-focused approach to old-school base-building fun. Develop your region and tend to your settlement’s needs with the help of various paths, constructions, relations, traditions, and bragging rights. Whip your characters into shape with infinitely varied possibilities that will echo for generations. Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, and Self attributes with hundreds of traits and skills offer rich and enormously diverse character progression. Choosing the right character to take the right path is the most important part – as they can be the doom or the boon to your future!


Key Fetures:

  • Campaign maps offer a simulation, city builder, colony sim experience, where you embark on an adventure of your chosen story, fine-tuned and hand-made to provide a strong sense of polished settings, plots, and characters with tailored events, conflicts, and end-game objectives.
  • Skirmish maps offer a classic 4x game experience, where you compete and cooperate with other settlements on balanced, optimized, multiplayer maps to experience the classical, shortened RTS adrenaline. All players start as a separate settlement in this map mode.
  • Custom maps have deep roguelike mechanics in an RTS game, offering endless replayability, where you define starting rules and modifiers and enjoy a procedurally generated, randomized world that’s never been explored by any of “the first men” before.

TFM: The First Men

TFM: The First Men


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