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The Curious Expedition (Latest update)


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The Curious Expedition  (Latest update)
The Curious Expedition (Latest update)

Curious Expedition is a roguelike expedition simulation set in the late 19th century. Together with famous personalities you will venture on unprecedented expeditions to regions never explored before for fame, science and treasures. Put on your pith helmet and khakis and make your way through a lush, procedurally generated world full of wonder and mystery. Now go explore, adventure awaits!

Gameplay overview

Experience your very own adventure through a procedural story which makes every game unique.

Explore procedurally generated worlds, each with its own distinctive set of challenges for the ambitious explorer.

Plan and equip your trek. A good explorer is prepared for any eventuality.

Manage your resources to keep your trek alive and sanity high. Balance your needs with the desire to carry all that precious treasure back home.

Key Fetures:

  • Includes our free DLC “The Arctic Expanse” adding new arctic biomes, new characters, new items, new events and much much more
  • Encounter endless possibilities with Curious Expedition mods. From simple items to new characters or expeditions to the moon, everything is possible.


System minimum

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