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The Store is Closed


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The Store is Closed
The Store is Closed

You’re trapped in an infinite furniture store, trying to survive against the mutant staff who attack at night. You must explore the store, alone or with your friends, to find a way out. Luckily, it’s filled with furniture that can be used to craft weapons or build fortifications to survive the night.

Eventually you’ll wander too deep into the store and attract something dangerous. The Managers.

You’re stuck in an infinite furniture store. Mind your surroundings or you’ll get lost.

Everything in the store is destructible. You can move the furniture to make a base, or break it apart into resources for crafting.

Meet the staff

The store is guarded by the staff and other creatures. They’re all dangerous in unique ways.

The Managers are a force to be reckoned with. Nothing will stop them if they want you gone.

Most of the staff patrol the show floor. They’re less aggressive during the day.

The staff don’t take kindly to seeing their furniture being destroyed.

The Kids department isn’t safe. The Biters hunt in packs.

Keep an eye on the mannequins.

The TV Golems patrol the warehouses. Don’t let them spot you.


You’ll need food to survive. It’s not clear where the cafeteria food comes from.

Building a base is vital. It’s better to sleep at night and explore in the day.

Building on top of the shelves in the warehouses can be a good way to stay hidden.

The game features online CO OP. You and your friends can survive together.

Defend yourself

The flamethrower can clear a lot of furniture, but watch out, the fire might spread.

Some things won’t feel pain.

The Store is Closed

The Store is Closed


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