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The Zone: Stalker Stories


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The Zone: Stalker Stories
The Zone: Stalker Stories

Tactical card battles and narrative RPG exploration in a world of monsters and anomalies. This is the Zone.

Cut your way through rabid mutants and supernatural creatures. Collect and use artifacts of mysterious power. Develop your latent abilities and crush your enemies with the force of your mind.

The last remnants of humanity are locked in a desperate battle for survival. Helplessly trapped inside the Zone — fighting not only against the twisted, hostile environment, but the supernatural fear and confusion that constantly attacks their minds.

You are one of the lucky ones. A ‘mutant’, cursed with strange telekinetic powers, as well as higher resistance to the Confusion. The kind of person who could thrive out there… If you can stay alive.

Create your perfect deck by mixing and matching hundreds of pieces of equipment. Carefully manage your expedition to maximise your exploration time. Take on side jobs with unique stories and unique rewards. Make friends. Make enemies.

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Key Fetures:

  • Gorgeous hand-drawn art
  • Gripping story, colourful characters
  • A beautiful, dangerous world to explore
  • Deep inventory management – Assemble your deck and abilities however you want
  • Research powerful upgrades for combat and exploration
  • Complete side jobs to gain unique rewards
  • Many different items and abilities to mix and match your perfect playstyle

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