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Toodles & Toddlers


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Toodles & Toddlers
Toodles & Toddlers

Toddlers can be friends, or food.

An explosive fart has freed the clown-demon Toodles from his poorly constructed cage. Foolish villagers summon the mighty Player to protect them. They’re gonna regret that.

Gifted with the magical ability to throw stuff, Player will use any resource available to defeat the humongous nemesis. Sacrifice villagers, transform and consume cute wildlife, do whatever it takes to survive until you have enough strength to bring down the clown.

Toodles & Toddlers deliberately doesn’t explain how to win because it’s more fun to figure that out. Experiment with collision interactions and strategies will emerge. Some actions may seem harmful but end up being helpful. Curiosity can discover multiple paths to victory.

For starters, try different balls on the toddlers. Balls will be your primary tools, and can be used to craft allies to fight for you. You will need to build an army before taking on Toodles.

This puzzle has many pieces that can be put together in different combinations. Beware, death will wipe your progress. The world of Toodles & Toddlers may appear a childish dreamland, but surviving it is a nightmare.

Toodles & Toddlers

Toodles & Toddlers


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