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Total Factory


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Total Factory
Total Factory

Game under active development:

Game description:

You are a robot with unrealistically advanced artificial intelligence on a previously unknown planet, people created you for one single purpose – to ensure the automatic production of the necessary resources and their dispatch. It would seem that what could go wrong?

You start the game from your base, your creators – the CosmoDoc Corporation – gave you the starting amount of the necessary resources and a couple of robots to protect your base from enemies.

Complete tasks from the task center to unlock new machines for automation and advance further in the game.

In the game, you can not only automate your factory, but also ensure its protection with the help of automatic turrets and allied robots.

Game Features:

Key Fetures:

  • Total Factory is still in active development, but it is not an early access or alpha version of the game.
  • All 8 stages of development are ready in the game, however, their balancing and changes can still happen. Yes, you can go through the game from the beginning to its logical end.
  • Clean gameplay is already there for about 30 hours.
  • The game is being polished, many game moments are being finalized and improved, starting from the menu and ending with the assembly machine.
  • Play with enemies present or choose peaceful mode where you can build out your factory without threat of attack
  • Quite a large procedural generated world
  • Upgrade system
  • Combat robots and robots engineers
  • 4 different biomes: Tundra, Meadow, Desert and Jungle
  • More than 150 different game items
  • Dynamic change of day and night

Total Factory

Total Factory


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