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Under A New Sun


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Under A New Sun
Under A New Sun

The plan was simple – the ship would wake you from your cryocapsule before you arrived at a potential new home. A planet for humanity to start a new life on. But when you awaken, you are already on the ground amongst the wreckage of your ship with no one else in sight. Stranded and surrounded only by debris, you start your journey under an unfamiliar sky.

The planet has a breathable atmosphere, which is a good start. Strangely enough, it is also already filled with plants and animals. The old seedlings from Earth must have survived the crash somehow. What happened to the ship? How long have you been frozen in cryo since your arrival? You don’t have the answers, but…for now, you have more pressing concerns. You must find a way to survive and make this foreign planet your new home.


Face hunger, thirst, weather, and hostile fauna while the days pass by. Treat your wounds and keep your eyes open, some old machines still roam the landscape. The scorching sun above is unforgiving.

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Key Fetures:

  • Make cloth on a loom
  • Split wood into planks
  • Process raw hides into usable leather
  • Smelt ore into iron, and forge it into tools
  • Potter and fire clay into usable objects

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