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Valley of Kings


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Valley of Kings
Valley of Kings

A mighty empire once sprawling with life, destroyed by the dragon’s flames.

Avenge those lost to it’s wrath, and venture into a ravaged world overtaken by wild beasts and bloodthirsty bandits.

Build your settlement, explore unknowns lands, uncover great treasures, fight dangerous enemies, and ultimately bring an end to the dragon’s reign.

You begin by finding an old settlement lost to time.

Rebuild. Build your settlement to attract new villagers. Choose from a large variety of structures including; stables, farms, workshops, and much more! Grow your own food and resources, and build altars to long forgotten gods!

Villagers. Your influence within the world is limited, these new inhabitants will be the key to your success.

Customize each villager with unique equipment, perks, and skills, order them to perform jobs, build structures, fight battles, and much more!

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Explore. Explore a vast handmade world, from overgrown jungles, and murky swamps, to desolate deserts, and magic forests – each area holds its own secrets, enemies, and treasures to uncover. Collect rare resources, uncover hidden areas, and fight ancient, and powerful creatures.

Research. Research new and advanced technology.

Craft. Craft powerful armor and weapons, brew useful potions, and create mysterious magical artifacts.

Battle. Many fierce and legendary foes find their place in this world, but with a large variety of equipment to choose from, you are free to tailor each villager exactly to your will, from mages summoning devastating spells to mighty warriors able to absorb the most powerful blows.

Build your empire

Explore a vast world

Fight dangerous foes

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