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During the arms race, the government of a small country, in the absence of large budgets, decides to go the other way. Fearing for his sovereignty, contacts a secret corporation for the development of biological weapons of mass destruction, with name – Zero Experimental Establishment or ZEE. The project is allocated funds and a place of development – a remote corner of the country – the Montib island, cut off from the world, with a small population and no modern infrastructure.

The deafening success of experiments is comparable only with the fundamental failure of the all development. The next monthly report says about the fall of a helicopter with samples of biological weapons on the island. And a week later, after reports of the observation – of infection of local residents, communication with the employees of the corporation, and indeed with anyone in general, disappears. The government makes a decision in secret from the world community and, despite the protests of the residents of the country who have relatives there, cut off the entire Montib island from the external world, and under pressure forces ZEE to investigate what happened.

Key Fetures:

  • We have a huge map 20 by 20 kilometers, to reach the other end you need at least an hour and a half, with villages, cities and military bases
  • The map contains areas of summer, autumn and winter, with different air temperatures
  • Spawn is located along the entire southern coast
  • Two factions. Marauders and Hunters
  • Extraction of resources, from the simplest tree to valuable gold
  • Transport with physics close to real, with repairs and refueling
  • Crafting and cooking
  • Building bases
  • Missions




System minimum

System recommended