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ZERO Sievert


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ZERO Sievert
ZERO Sievert

ZERO Sievert is a post apocalyptic game setted In a fictitious part of Russia.

The bunker ZERO Sievert: here you can accept new quests, talk to NPC, trade with vendors, manage your equipment and improve your base.

Maps: Maps are procedurally generated to ensure good replayability. The main points of interest will then be in a different location each time, but there is loot in everywhere in the map so be prepared to explore!

Weapons modification: Weapons can be modified, it is up to the player to create a weapon he likes or to focus on statistics. There are a lot of different mods and an incredible amount of combinations

Loot: There are more than 100 different items to loot and you can use them to craft new items, upgrade your own base or sell them.

All this surrounded by a post-apocalyptic atmosphere that I will try to create as best I can.

If you want to know more or you have any question you can join the Discord channel!

ZERO Sievert

ZERO Sievert


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