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Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures


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Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures
Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures

Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures is a VR cockpit game combining ship management with action-arcade combat. You play as a (sometimes effective) bounty hunter with possibly questionable morals, currently in possession of a powerful little alien that you may or may not have stolen/liberated from the evil Empire. As the Empire closes in, you’ll need to find a way to balance your ship’s management with the onslaught of attacks. Do you have what it takes to survive?

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Key Fetures:

  • Become one with the ship: Immerse yourself in a cockpit packed full from ceiling to floor with distinct physics-based interactions (Though make sure to keep your eye on them all if you want to survive!).
  • Rebel against The Empire: Engage in thrilling dogfights as squads of enemies pursue you to re-capture the small green treasure aboard your ship – shoot bullets, launch bombs, and raise your shields. It’s going to get bumpy!
  • Navigate the vacuum of space: Control the ship with a radical and easy-to-use virtual flight stick design, dodge your way through hazardous space environments, and don’t forget to do a barrel roll!
  • The little guy: Who could forget your cosmic friend, Ziggy?! This mysterious creature is a perfect fuel source. You can also play with them, use them as a resource, feed them, and most importantly pet them!

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