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Zombie City Rescue


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Zombie City Rescue
Zombie City Rescue

Welcome to the corpse city for rescue!This bloody game will take you into a city full of zombies, allowing you to experience the thrilling journey of survivors to survive.

In this cities where zombies are rampant, you will play one of the survivors, and they are trapped in this horror world occupied by zombies.You will face endless terror and danger, and you need to use wisdom and courage to find food, weapons and asylum, in order to survive.

The gameplay of the corpse rescue is full of strategic and tension. You need to formulate a reasonable escape plan to cooperate with other survivors to fight against zombies.In this city full of unknown and challenges, you will face various problems and tasks, and you need to use your skills and resources flexibly to find a line of vitality in this desperate world.

The screen in the game is exquisite and realistic, and the sound effect is horrible, bringing you an immersive game experience.Each survivor has its own unique skills and characteristics. You can choose different characters to experience different game styles.

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The rescue of the corpse is an addictive game that allows you to immerse you in a world full of tension.Come to join us, challenge the zombies with other players, show your survival skills, and become a hero in this city!

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