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ZOR: Pilgrimage of the Slorfs


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ZOR: Pilgrimage of the Slorfs
ZOR: Pilgrimage of the Slorfs

On a weird and ridiculously dangerous planet, a tribe of resourceful monsters called Slorfs, have witnessed a terrible omen. Their star god ZOR has wept a tear, blasting the horizon with a haze of despair. Two young Slorfs must embark on a pilgrimage to investigate, in a desperate attempt to regain ZOR’s favor before all of existence disappears.

A tenuous balance between combat and survival, with shifting and emerging tactics

Improve and customize your deck with branching upgrades and crafted cards

Use clever tactics to squeeze the most out of your turn

With procedural areas, strategic crafting choices, and many ways to build your deck from hundreds of cards, no two games will ever be the same!

Key Fetures:

  • Delve through a gauntlet of clearings filled with dangerous beasts and hostile terrain
  • During the battle, scavenge what you can. Thirst and hunger are stalking you
  • At camp, use your resources wisely, for they offer many possible choices
  • On each Slorf’s turn, use a card from a deck they share to decide their actions
  • There are 100s of cards with a variety of uses. Harvesting, attacking, movement, building, buffs and more
  • Cards cost food and water to use, so efficiency and planning is paramount
  • Use experience to upgrade cards to more powerful versions, and expand your deck through exploration and crafting
  • The combination of card choice, coordinated actions, and dynamic situations, leads to a dizzying array of options each turn
  • Every action is life or death, from swinging a weapon to picking a turnip

ZOR: Pilgrimage of the Slorfs

ZOR: Pilgrimage of the Slorfs


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