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Absolutely Goode Championship


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Absolutely Goode Championship
Absolutely Goode Championship

Absolutely Goode Championship is a game where you can either pilot a fast running marble as it competes, rolling downhill, on 10 different tracks or just relax, watch and root for different marble teams competing against each other.

Before the consumer electronics revolution, and for millennia, mostly what people had to play with were dice, cards, kites, wheels and marbles.

Being, originally, nothing more than rounded pebbles, marbles were able to deliver a lot of fun in hours of playtime.

In time, polished pebbles gave space to beautifully crafted glass balls, with an infinity of colors and internal patterns resembling stars, flowers, eyes and candies, just to mention a few.

One of the most fun and challenging marbles games was the downhill race, where players would spend hours planning, building and perfecting the race tracks in preparation for rooting for their ‘teams’, as they rushed downhill using gravity to accelerate towards the finish line.

Fast forward to the 21st century and now people of all ages can sit and watch videos of such competitions, in elaborated scenarios, wishing, many times, they could be able to influence the races outcome.

Absolutely Goode Championship grants you that wish.

Actively pilot any of 16 beautifully rendered marbles on 10 different race tracks in Quick Races and Championships or just start an idle event and watch to the teams competing against each other, listening to an engaging theme song.

Chose the best difficulty level to challenge your skills and prepare yourself to face a fierce competition… those marbles are not fooling around.

Absolutely Goode Championship

Absolutely Goode Championship


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