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Alchemy Absorption: Melody


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Alchemy Absorption: Melody
Alchemy Absorption: Melody

Silas is a 21-year-old with an adventuring spirit. He dreams of growing strong enough to explore dungeons, rare areas in his world that contain monsters and treasures. To achieve that, he is joined by his sister Asteria to attend the magic university, Celestial Academy. At the university, Silas meets and falls for Melody, one of his professors. However, he’s not alone in that, not by a long shot. Melody is a dark fairy who constantly emits an aura that attracts people to her. Even though she’s very flirtatious, she longs for a serious relationship with someone who won’t just drool in her presence. Luckily for Silas, he’s a bit more resistant to her aura than the average person. Will that be enough to win over Melody or will he end up with a broken heart just like everyone else who confesses to her?


Key Fetures:

  • Visual novel with choices (affects progress with the heroine)
  • Multiple Endings (failure ending, normal ending and true ending)
  • 3-4 hours of reading
  • Lovely CGs

Alchemy Absorption: Melody

Alchemy Absorption: Melody


System minimum

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