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BUSTED! (v1.0.1.3)


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BUSTED!  (v1.0.1.3)
BUSTED! (v1.0.1.3)

The anime girls have been censored!

Only you have the power to free them! But Dad’s watching you…

One wrong move, and you’re BUSTED!

From your bedroom, launch anime boobs at the censor blocks on your computer to break them away and reveal the girls trapped underneath! But stay alert for the slightest signs of movement in the room – someone’s just around the corner waiting to bust you!

Switch between tabs on the in-game computer to make sure you’re looking at work when Dad’s in the room! You’re safe if your monitor is showing a text document or harmless art drawing, but…

if Dad catches you looking at anime girls on the computer, it’s all over!

He pops up in the most unexpected locations… Dodge Dad’s stare of doom and fully clear the censors on each image, and you’ll get to save that image in your gallery – as long as you don’t get BUSTED later in the week!

Can you make it through five increasingly difficult days?

Do you save your winnings and walk away on Day 2, or risk everything and push for the final day?

And will you free the busty anime girls, or get BUSTED yourself?!

BUSTED! is a frantic, semi-roguelike fusion of survival and clicker that’ll have you on the edge of your seat as you try to collect all the anime illustrations – and outsmart Dad!


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