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Cartomancy Anthology


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Cartomancy Anthology
Cartomancy Anthology

“Cartomancy Anthology weaves a brilliant indie compilation around fortune-telling.”

22 games. 22 teams. 70+ game developers from across the globe!

Dive into divination with the Cartomancy Anthology, a collection of introspective digital experiences presented together in an anthology format. Each of the games is one of the Major Arcana, representing powerful emotions and life lessons. Experience an interactive tarot reading by pulling a spread of cards and playing through each game!

Tarot cards have been using for decades to provide divination and guidance on one’s life. Each card holds intrinsic meaning and offers the reader insights and solutions.

The Cartomancy Anthology is a virtual tarot deck of 22 games that replicate the actions and experiences of tarot readings by shuffling and drawing cards. Pull a single game, or a spread of three, for a digital reading. Launch and complete each game to collect all the cards and complete your virtual tarot deck!

Key Fetures:

  • PC Gamer
  • 22 entirely separate and unique games!
  • Many gameplay and visual styles, connected by the overall theme of tarot.
  • Launch and play through each game to complete your deck.
  • Reflect on the card meanings as you play through each game.

Cartomancy Anthology

Cartomancy Anthology


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