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Combat Troops VR


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Combat Troops VR
Combat Troops VR

Take on a military mission and experience moments full of emotions playing the role of a professional soldier. Combat Troops VR will allow you to take control of the whole body and additional options such as the choice of uniform, face, camouflage and other useful items that will make you feel like on a realistic battlefield. You can train alone with the bots or play online with friends.

Choose your character and uniform, customize the camouflage cleverly to reduce its visibility. Full body control allow you to swing or peek around the corner, which will allow you to surprise the enemy and reduce the probability of being hit by the enemy. There are many settings that you can use to personalize your gaming experience.

Handle, aim and reload your weapon with real-life movements. You have a wide variety of choice with short and long weapons, each with the possibility of modifying to make each weapon truly your own. You can add lasers, sights or a silencer also use a large selection of grenades, mines, explosives, bazookas and much more to fight with your enemy. Modify weapon attachments and change the skin to suit the environment. Use smoke grenades for screening units or signalling. If you run out of ammo and you have quick reflexes, defeat enemies with a knife, axe, or other bladed weapons.

Inventory allow players to setup and store their items to use freely during combat. In the backpack you can set things necessary for quick use, such as first aid kits, ammunition, grenades, mines, masks, and many other things.

Combat Troops VR

Combat Troops VR


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