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Cute Invaders


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Cute Invaders
Cute Invaders

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In 202X,

The headquarter lost every connection with the island for the new town project.

Investigation teams were dispatched to investigate the matter, but they also went MIA.

Recognizing the significance of the situation, the government dispatched the 4th investigation team, consisting of special forces.

However, the transport plane carrying the 4th investigation team also crashed near the island.

Now, they are facing the truth that seems impossible to handle.

Meet a variety of unique kaijus with different sizes and types!

Experience more realistic gameplay with knockback which makes the game juicy and innovative physics which makes various situations.

There are a lot of side missions with their own objective: Secret Base Attack Mission, Giant kaiju Suppression Mission, Kaiju Squad Suppression Mission, Terrorists Suppression Mission, Restoration Mission, Commander Rescue Mission, Material Supply Mission, Squad Member Rescue Mission, etc.

The Island’s condition is impacted by the results of side missions.

6 different commander classes having their own specialty are waiting for you. The battle screen will change depending on each classes’ sight. You’ll experience different gameplay depending on which class you choose to play.

You are not alone. Each member helps each other when they are downed or in danger. You can revive a downed ally, and likewise, they’ll revive you when you’re downed. Help each other and lead your squad to victory.

Upgrade your commanders and soldiers with rewards earned from the battle.

Cute Invaders

Cute Invaders


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