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Daily life with my succubus boss


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Daily life with my succubus boss
Daily life with my succubus boss

The Story

You, a soulless money-making machine enslaved by a heartless corporation as an engineer, have endured a life of hardship and misery. The relentless demands of your job not only deteriorated your quality of life but also drove away your fiancé.

But there’s more to this story. Your boss, who hides her callous nature behind her attractive facade, subjects you to daily bullying and oppression.

As your hatred and resentment reach their boiling point, fate intervenes. You encounter an eccentric old man who unveils the art of summoning a succubus—a creature of desire who can heal your wounds with a touch of irresistible love. And to your surprise, the seductive succubus named Sakyuuba bears an uncanny resemblance to your despised boss.

Now caught between love and hate, you find yourself torn as conflicting emotions consume your being. Can you endure living under the same roof with the bane of your existence and the ultimate object of your desire?


Your boss, Peggy, may look like an angel, but those curves are certainly born of sin. Don’t be fooled by her looks, for she’s a nasty, vicious bitch. After signing a succubus contract, you summon Sakyuuba the succubus, who looks exactly like Peggy. What stories shall unfold between you two? We shall see!


※Adult scenes with full-on, sensual audio!

To ensure all your sensory needs are fulfilled, all the adult scenes in the game have super intense voice acting! Dive into the sexy sounds of dirty-talking babes!

※Live2D: Highly detailed animations that’ll rev yer desires!

Character visuals and CGs use Live2D to bring the experience to life. Get ready for a visual feast that’s so sweet you’ll never go back to porn.

※Master Artist TAMADA HEIJUN!

Sakyuuba the succubus is drawn by the master artist TAMADA HEIJUN (200K Twitter followers!!!). From her hair down to her toes, this babe exudes nothing but super sexy, sensual vibes!

Daily life with my succubus boss

Daily life with my succubus boss


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