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Dead end Exit 8


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Dead end Exit 8
Dead end Exit 8

Ghost hits the wall

This is a game that is very suitable for interacting with fans and barrages

Maybe your fans are better than your eyes?

When the number of positive reviews reaches 200, we will update the second scene, which is also centered around the nightmare scene in our hearts.

The game supports VR mode. Press ESC on the main interface and select VR mode to enter.

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Key Fetures:

  • Have you heard of this term? Or have you experienced it yourself?
  • You are trapped in an infinite loop from which you may never escape.
  • Hospital! Synonymous with a scary place. There are all kinds of equipment and medicines, and nurses keep appearing.
  • Check everything in the scene carefully to see if it is the same as in your memory.
  • Once you find something is wrong, turn back immediately! Maybe it’s not too late.
  • After reaching the eighth floor, you will be able to leave this terrible place
  • Maybe. . . .
  • Before selecting, please make sure you have and connected the VR device.
  • Before choosing, please make sure you have the possibility to take off your VR device.
  • After selecting, you may not be able to take off the VR device.

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