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Firework Simulator


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Firework Simulator
Firework Simulator

Firework Simulator lets you play with all kinds of different fireworks and even lets you make your own. Do what ever you want in sandbox mode or test your skills to complete puzzles in challenge mode.

Game Features:

Key Fetures:

  • Everything is controlled by a physics system, the fireworks, projectiles, sparks, rocks, doodads and even you, the player. This lets it all behave without preset animations and such.
  • Play with a bunch of premade fireworks including missile boxes, roman candles, bees, helicopters and mortars.
  • Fireworks will behave realistically reacting on how they’re placed and any objects they interact with. Also similar to real fireworks, sometimes they will take off perfectly and other times they will spin a bit and fizzle out or explode too early. So each time you light one off it will be different.
  • Create your own fireworks by choosing a container like a cylinder, shooter, airplane and many more, then select different powders to put in them like sparkles, crackles, pops, jets and explosives. You’ll also be able to pick the color of certain powders and timings.

Firework Simulator

Firework Simulator


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