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Foosball VR


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Foosball VR
Foosball VR

Foosball VR is a table football simulator focused on the same sensation you get from playing it in the real world. The player starts in a pub interior with a foosball table that stands in the middle. Access to the in-game menu is provided by pressing a physical button placed on the side of the table. Two flat screen TVs located near the ceiling show the current score of a match.

10 Game Modes

One of the great features of the full release is game modes. We have ten of them:

Standard – the most realistic foosball simulation you can get for VR,

Bomberman – you play with a ball that is, in fact, a bomb that explodes in short time intervals. Be sure to send it towards your opponent shortly before it goes off – he might lose some of the players for a couple of seconds,

Wiggle-Wiggle – have you ever wondered how it would be to play the game with rubber-like elastic footballers? Well, now you have a chance to try it out,

Key Fetures:

  • Snap handle helper – helps you with the moment when your hand is close to the handle, and it works in two distinct modes – ghost and interpolate. In the ghost mode, you will see a ghost image of the footballers showing you the resulting angle after you will finally grab the handle. In the interpolate mode you will see footballers actually rotating to the resulting angle before the grab.
  • Axis raise helper – helps you with shots from the defence by raising the midfield and offence rows whenever you control the goalkeeper and the defence rows.
  • Axis centre helper – helps you with defence by centring your goalkeeper and the defence rows whenever you move your hands to midfield and offence rows.


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